noisy engine

can anyone tell me how noisy my engine should be as i heard mine the other day with my helmet off and someone else riding it and it sounded ****house you could here the rattle over the exhaust note i am the only one in our group that has a WR 426 so we are all a bit unsure about it i have just gotten it back from being rebuilt and took it back to the shop but they tell me they all do it :):D:D

I just rebuilt the top end on my bike, as the cam journals had galled. I had to readjust the valve clearance. YZ timed the bike while I was in there. My engine makes very little noise, the exhaust is loud. I run a White Bros. exhaust. Sounds to me like the valves may be out of adjustment. I was going to get rid of my bike also, but after this rebuild, I'm finally happy with the performance.

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