where to get a wind shield for my L

I really want to find a windscreen for my L, I've searched google and only came up with ceebailys. I'm not too crazy about drilling holes in my numberplate as I would have to with that model. I've searched thumper talk with no luck either. I have Protapers so they woud have to be able to mount on them. I ride mosty street and some dirt so some kind of quick release would be great, any ideas?:thumbsup:

Thanks Manchu, just what I was looking for.

im running a slipstreamer s-06 on mine, plenty of coverage and like 5 seconds to take it off when you want to ride without. just checked their webpage and dont see it anymore but there are a few listed on ebay right now.

I have a slipstream s-06 on my KTM.

It seems the mounts are right where your handguard mounts go.

Might have to change to the hand guard that mount up front on the triple clamp.

Here is the cheapest place I have found to get the S-06 and a few others that may work.


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