Quicksilver Enduro at Clear Creek

Anyone going? I will be riding C4STK. #68B. I will be doing this the old fashion way with a map chart & a watch (No computer :) ). I can barely see where I'm going when just riding let alone ride and look at a map, a watch,the odometer, add,subtract and do 90 brutal miles. I have a headache just thinking about it :D Any suggjestions from you enduro guys on surviving this kind of race. Thanks, Doug

Hey Aftershock, I'm also doing it the "old fashioned way". I will be riding in the C-Vet class on minute 66A. I only hope I can survive!

My buddy and me plan on going Saturday Morning and camping. Maybe we can hook up for a warm up ride.


Manic, I will be there Saturday night. I will keep an eye out for you on Sunday. Looks like we might get some rain. Good luck on your race. Doug

I will be there helping the club out with the event. Good luck guys. Hope to see you there! Paul

PMAUST, hope to see you there. Doug

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