Quality of DR.D's new exhaust??

I've heard many good things about the new DR.D pipes. UNFORTUNATELY, I've heard some bad things too.... 1. Durability of exhaust can and/or mounting bracket in question 2. Need to be repacked all the time. 3. So-so customer service. ANYONE HAVE ANY FEEDBACK? Their new style is CLEAN, but if quality is a problem I'll have to go another route.

great customer service

Pipe was loud but worked great

I can first hand tell you that Dr.D has the best customer service i have ever seen. I have been using there exhaust for years and I feel they are the best made out there. I did have a problem with the header fitting on a 06 RMZ450 and Gina Dubach personaly took care of me. I wouldn't even think twice on using there product.

Awesome customer service. My first pipe was damaged in shipping, they sent a new one out the next day without question.

I've had no trouble with mine other than a very minor issue with the initial fit.

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