Yamaha Swingarm actually looks good underneath the paint!

Yesterday I was at local bike shop here in Columbus, and the owner has a yz250f. I was looking over his bike and I noticed that the swingarm was nice and shiny. It really looked good. I asked him what he did and he said that he went through 3 days of hard work stripping the paint off of it. I know he used steel wool, sandpaper, and a few other things, but there is got to be a easier way.

Has anyone else did this. If so what did you use.

I took the swing arm (all of the bushings, etc. removed) and used a propane torch. The swing arm is powdercoated i believe, and it comes off relatively easily. Dont get it too hot, just hot enough to turn the paint black. From there, clean it up with a powerwasher and some scotch brite. You can polish it from there, i had mine powdercoated black. ..just the way i did it, whether its the best way or not.... :)

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