'87 XL600R top end noise. Help me plz

I have an '87 XL600R. Makes a funny top end tinging sound that follows rpm. Adjusted the valves last night or at least hope I did properly. .002 intake and .004 exhaust. Now seems to be louder for noise. Does not affect power or starting up but now the kick start jams up on me more often. Sound seems to come from left side but also right side.

Any ideas on what to check for? Maybe adjusted wrong and now too much play in rockers? Slack adjuster jammed? timing chain stretch? Or normal to have the noise and I just made it worst with improper valve adjustment?

I am lost and now worried to ride it.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Oh yes, it is a new bike to me. Purchased it last week after being away from riding for almost 20 years.

Did it make noise before you ajusted them? Were the valves really tight before. You may have not been on TDC whan you ajusted them so they may be to lose now. Also, if the auto decomp was engaged, it would cause the exaust to now be to lose. I'd check them again and see what happens.:thumbsup:

It did make noise b4 but not as loud it seems. I positioned the mark beside the T with the groove on the side panel. Fly wheel stopped right at it when you turn.

It did seem like the valves were a bit open when i adjusted. I presumed that they were just in need of adjustment.

decomp was not engaged. I can move it when the engine runs and can feel the valve or rocker move as I slowly turn it manually.

Went for an hour long mud ride yesterday and bike works fine. Probably is the slack adjuster going. Do not want to tear it down but seems I will have to go for it.

I had to replace the tensioner on my 93 XR600. It seemed fine with the engine not running. When running it would loosen up and make weird noises as the chain slapped around. I replaced my chain at the same time.

Check your chain tensioner adjustment. It may be too loose. Another possibility is that your bike may be detonating. Since the ignition timing is fixed on that engine, try using premium grade (ouch!) fuel & see if that helps. If not, rejetting slightly richer may allow it to run cooler and reduce the noise somewhat (if detonation is the problem). Honda was very stingy on cooling fins on that engine. Some guy in the Arizona/New Mexico area used to market aluminum heat syncs for attaching to the XR and XL600 fins to help dissipate the excessive heat those engines produce. You might also want to consider investing in an oil cooler.

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