Lights for a 07 YZ 450 F....

I am interested in putting lights on my 07 YZ450F. I have talked to a bunch of different people about lighting coils, stators and all kinds of stuff, and I keep getting the same answer, and that is, no one makes a kit for that bike yet.....

I have talked to the yamaha dealership, and they said that the 07 WR450 stator would fit, but I had to use the wr's side case and flywheel.

has anyone out there tried this?

does anyone know where I might find a lighting stator for my bike?

I just talked to a guy here in Utah, and he stated that Electrex made one, but I cannot find it...

Any help will be greatly appreciated.....


I made my own total loss system using standard off road lights and a set of Nicads from an RC car. Works for a day without recharge. Total weight of complete street legal kit was 5-7 lbs!


2004 YZ450

I appreciate the info, I have looked into some aftermarket lights, you know the lights that clamp onto the bars, but in the end, I think I want a stator, because my buddies ride from thier houses up to the trails. I may need to get a dual sport kit.....

thanks swatdoc!! there was a ton of usefull info there. I apologize, but I am new at this board, and do not know how to do a search.......

no prob - welcome! :thumbsup:

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