Changing Oil when you can't start it...

It is necessary to warm the engine up before changing the oil?:thumbsup:

I'm waiting on my forks and shock to come back from Factory Connection and I'd like to go ahead and change my oil while the front wheel is off (know what I mean?). The air filter and battery are off right now, I guess I could hook those up temporarily, but I'm too lazy...:)

It just takes longer to drain when cold. No big deal.

Some 'experts' reckon that the contaminants can settle in places where they wont be drained.

Probably best to drain the oil out of a recently run motor so that they are still in suspension.

Yeah, there are a few "experts" out there. I got the opinion that it's ok to drain a cold engine from one of them who now builds superbike and super motard engines for Graves Motorsports (Yamaha) team. His theory was that warming up the engine just runs all the shrapnel and contaminants back thru the engine one more time. I guess it's all a matter of which expert opinion you choose to believe.

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