XR650R to dual sport. Help Needed!!!

I posted an earlier thread regarding some trouble that I'm having getting my BRP tagged in Oregon. Any help would be appreciated. If anyone has a copy of a letter or document from Honda that states the 650R can "emphasis" can be modified to meet federal safety and emission standards I could really use a copy of the document. Honda has been no help. I am including a copy of my original post.

Re: What's up with Honda??? Customer relations sucks.

Put up a post everywhere you can someone may have a copy of letter they used.

What's up with Honda??? Customer relations sucks.

I just installed a new Dakar dual sport kit, MT21 tires and a Trail Tech Vapor computer on my xr650r. Oregon is fairly tough to deal with regarding off road bike registration but the local DMV told me that all I need to get my bike titled other than what I've already done "$730. bucks" is a letter from Honda stating that the bike can be modified to meet fed safety and emission standards. To my surprise, After several phone calls to various departments at Honda, no one would issue a letter for me. All it has to say is that the bike can be modified to meet these standards, not that it comes from the factory that way.

Anyone have any ideas how to get around this?

Got any pull at Honda?

Thanks Bill

I would approach from other angle...and argue that it does meet Fed emmissions standards. It doesn't come choked up that way for nothing.

The Oregon DMV is asking for the impossible - for Honda to certify that you proerly modified the bike to their safety and emissions standards. Best I could do is to validate that despite being off-road it is Fed emissions certified (I'm guessing here, but it is tuned to some emissions std) and is safety inspected to meet Oregon safety standards.

Here in Maryland, I did not have the emissions issue to deal with, just had to demonstrate satisfaction of MD safety req.s

I would start with statement from Honda for what emissions std the bike complies with then satisfy rest of Oregon concerns. Break the problem down into solveable components then present your case to Or DMV. Remember you may have to get into the weeds (governing regs) and plead your case.

get the bike dual sported

tuns,mirror, and dot tires

get it inspected

take mso to DMV and don't say anything or ask questions

if they say somthing show then the inspection slip

DMv has nothing to do with getting it inspected

I have done two here in Va

Thanks for all the help and advice. I pulled up hondas web site and found a simple statement regarding emissions that they had on their site. I printed a copy and stapled it to the certification of modification the dmv gave me. This particular office glanced at and gave me my tags. Thank the Lord.

So now I'm cruizing dual sport street legal.

Thanks for the update. I'm in the process of dual sporting my 650 now. Could you post where you found the emission info? Just in case I run into a simular situation it would be nice to know.

Sorry, I typed in a search for "honda motorcycle emissions report" I spent quite a bit of time scanning over their stuff before I finally located something I thought would pass. I didn't save the url. The statement that I found was just their 2007 emissions report. In Oregon you have to fill out one of two forms that you download from the DMV web site. One is form "7220" that is for a dealership that is dual sporting a bike from their inventory. The other form "7286" is the one that I used, and it is to be filled out by the owner of the bike, for instance say you bought your bike used like I did. This is the Oregon DMV URL that has those forms if you are from here and need them.


I just took hondas emission report and stapled it to the form 7286 that I filled out. Either it was what they wanted, or more likely the case, they didn't know any better than to accept it.

Good luck, and God Bless.


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