Stator testing results and a question

Hello all,

So I have been trying to diagnose the electricals on the XL. I followed the instructions in my manual for testing the stator and found that the lighting coil had .8 ohms resistence and the charging coil .4 ohms, which fall close to acceptable limits within ~.1 ohms. I am still concerned because I get no power at the headlight plug and only 2.3 volts at the battery (4.5 when revved).

Does this still mean my battery is dead? My manual did not cover how to test the AC module(?). Is this something that I need to test and how do I go about it?

Thanks and take care!


Hey guys,

Chris and I went through the electrical system last night and threw a new battery in. It seems that we need to contact Ricky Stator and order a new stator. I wanted to run this by you all once more before forking over $130 for a new unit.



even though the resistance is good, doesnt always mean the part is good.

That's what I figured. Sounds like we'll be ordering a new stator!


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