Exhaust change and regret

Most readers will probably say &%$#@! when I write that I recently changed my XR600R's exhaust from the Yosh pipe it had to a wheezy stocker pipe. Here was my thinking before doing it:

1.My bike's noise offends my riding buddies, and every other living thing near me...especially that neurotic little jack russell next door.

2.This bike has so much power that I'll never notice the difference.

3.I want it as street legal as possible and the off-road pipe was one of many issues the law could have with my pig.

Trouble is, now the fecker sounds like a lawn mower and has about that much power. Not really, but the loss is VERY noticeable, and I ride above 10,000 ft on a regular basis. Plus I'm tipping the clydesdale division at 6 ft 200 #. Oh yeah, and rationale number 4 was that I couldn't figure out how to get my yosh apart to repack the thing. So my questions to yall with a bit of experience are: Is there some jetting or other change I need to get more out of a stock exhaust? Would repacking the Yosh (circa 1995 like the bike) or another exhaust mod make it a little quieter? How do you get the can apart? And, if I can live with the puny looks and sound of the stock exhaust, are their other mods to liven up this old bike? Or, should I put the Yosh back on and buy my buddies some earplugs? Thanks for the input.


If you were jetted correctly before, then you're probably too rich now with the stock pipe. I'm assuming the old pipe was less restrictive then the stocker. Some power should almost certainly be salvaged by getting the jetting right.

As far as repacking the old pipe: I'm not specifically familiar with what you have. But if you see rivets that secure the endcaps to the canister body, those most likely need to be drilled out and removed to disassemble for repacking. You can get new rivets and an inexpensive riveting tool at any hardware store.

Do you have stock tip in the stock pipe? If so , there are after market tips that will help alot. The stock tip hole size looks like my pointer finger would not go in. Just for heck of it try a test ride without the tip (if stock tip) I see if it comes alive.(may be noisey) If bike does come alive , get a after market tip & rejet & you should be good to go!

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm a rookie at jetting so I'll see what the local honda shop can do. I've heard of drilling out the end on the stock exhaust with standard sized holes that can be filled with a screw if you change your mind, but wanted to see what others thought first. I appreciate the insights.


The stock exhaust with the tip removed is very much a wide open muffler. It functions almost identically to an FMF powercore. There should be no appreciable difference in exhausts from the stock with the tip removed and most aftermarket pipes. It will not have as deep a rumble, but it will resist dents to a much greater degree.

.....Funny, I'm going the same route--this WB exhaust is just too loud for me! I'm having a hard time finding an aftermarket tip like the old Thumper Racing types--anyone have a line on where to find em? Cheers-Mike

As said, the carb is probably jetted too fat for the stock muffler. Remove the baffle from the muffler and try a 160-162 main jet and 65 pilot, I'll wager that you will see an improvement.

I'd say with that altitude the jetting would impact it as someone mentioned. I did something similar and you should have seen the darn dyno chart afterward, all over the place and spotty. Plugs would foul and drive me nuts...anyway. Have a local shop dyno and show you the chart before and after the jetting change. Good luck though.

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