The Commute

It's been buggin me since the day I got the bike. Curiousity of how it would do on a commute of 53 miles ot work one way. 19 miles to the Clinton to Mukilteo Ferry (off of Whidbey Island in Washington state) then 34 miles to work at Boeing Field. Mostly Freeway. Yesterday I found out.

The ride in was fine and I was surprised at how well the bike did at sustaining 65-70 so easily on the freeway. The Dunlop 606's tend to like to follow any grooved pavment cracks they can find, so beware of that, otherwise they were ok - just sang a bit.

Then while at work I received an e-mail notofication that the Whidbey Island Ferry was out of service. I left work on an "adventure ride" back to the island the long way, that is by heading north on I-5 to Mt Vernon then heading west to Deception pass and accross the Deception Pass bridge and onto home, this is a very long out of the way means of getting back on the Island. My total miles accumulated were 173.5, counting the ride into work and the ride home. My 2005 XR650L easily sustained 65-75 crusing speeds withs stock sprockets, however being uncorked and with the stock tank my range was diminished to about 90 miles on the main tank. If I did the math right I only got about 46 MPG. Temps on my dipsticked remained at 250 most of the time - with one time of 300 in stop and go traffic.

I was sore. Seat is not intended for long hauls, don't ever wear a backpack, it was killing my shoulders, took it off and carried on my tank. I need to mount my XR's only rack and IMS tank. I was beat by the time I got home, I don't know if it is the fact that I had a long day already or the ride or me being tensed up, I hit the rack (bed) at 7 and slept until 6 this morning.

I plan on washing it and changing the oil today and babying my bike, all in all it did GREAT and I don't think it was really even challenged, I was. Getting older I guess. I enjoy it more on short hauls on the island and on a ez trail ride.

What a bike :thumbsup:

Good to hear you had a safe and fun ride.:) You will get use to the seat and back pack after time.:thumbsup:

Mounted my IMS tank and XR's only rack yesterday, should I ever do it again, I now have the means of carrying something (not on my back) and the extended fuel range! I like the looks of the IMS tank, I placed XR's only graphics on it and I think it looks pretty good. I will take a pic and post it - if I knew how. Help!

I wounder how the oil consumption is at those high way speeds?

well - I changed my oil Saturday and aplenty came out LOL - no really I think that if a engine is new and broken in properly - it would not use much, if any, oil while crusing at Highway speeds. My bike has 2,200 miles on it btw.

650l makes a poor street bike and a poor dirt bike with stock gears

I would change sprockets if you ride it to work

46MPG is pretty good for a big pig im not sure what your thinking you will get but an average man about 200 lbs and i wouldnt be mad with that MPG at all. I still have my stock gearing on and i wouldnt change it if your gonna use this for mainly street driving. You cant do weelies but you can cruise at 70 mph alot better than say 14/48 gearing for sure and that will eat up more gas on freeway speeds also. LOL on the seat damn if i dont start getting sore and restless after about an hour on the bike, i have the 606s on mine right now too thinking about changing to something a little more pavement friendly next tire. They are a blast gonna go on a ride tonight if my buddy doesnt flake LOL.

I ride my 2000 XR650L almost everyday to work which is 40 miles roundtrip. It has stock gearing and tires, and a stock tank. It has the Dynojet kit & K&N filter, smog & snorkel removed, and a Pro Circuit T4 slip-on muffler. I tend to have a lead foot (lead wrist?) and cruise anywhere between 70 to 85 mph. I usually have to switch to reserve between 85 to 90 miles. A bigger tank sure would be nice! Also, a softer seat for those longer rides.

Anyway, I think it handles great on the highway except for a few wobbles here and there from the wind buffeting my shoulders on occasion. With that light front end, any shoulder movement really transmits through the handlebars and forks.

How do you like your new XRs Only rack?

XR's only rack is fine and was ez to mount same with IMS tank, I don't think I will ever commute on it again, just me, not the bike. I know I could gear it different and put on some more streetable skins, but I prefer the EZ rides at home on the Island, 20 miles here and there - myabe even 40 on a long one, LOL. Of course I also like to ride it in the woods a bit for the hell of it, overall it is perfect for what I normally use it for.

My Mods are btw;

White Brothers E2 pipe

Dyno jet kit / Kehien 55 pilot / desmogged etc

Uni filter

IMS 4 gallon tank / XR's only graphics

Baja Designs skid plate

XR400 front fender

Dunlop 606 skins

folding mirrors

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