Locked up 426

I recently aquired a 2000 YZ426F for around $500. Nice bike(new plastics, spring, wheels, no obvious leaks) I knew it was seized when I got it, thinking it was a dropped valve or a wasted clutch. So I yanked off the exhaust and carb from the head and couldn't see any valve issues from the ports. The bike WON'T shift into first gear, in neutral it will coast, but in any gear pulling the clutch lever in will not unlock the motor.I've pulled the inspection covor off and tried to unlock it by turning the nut, still no luck. If anybody has any ideas let me know. It's a nice bike otherwise, I just dont know if its worth putting an assload of money into it at this point Thanks for the help.

Sounds like the cases need to be split.

Probably a seized rod. Fix it.

Pull the head and take a look. I bought '00 for a couple hundy as well that had broke a valve which did a good job of ruining a few things.

if it will not go into gear then it is a transmission problem

I second the pull the head comment

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