Pic of my XRL - Hopefully!

Here it is with the trimmed and vented fender and wings painted black.

Settings\Tim\My Documents\My Pictures\RSV pics

"C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\My Documents\My Pictures\RSV pics\RSV pics 046.jpg"

"C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\My Documents\My Pictures\RSV pics\RSV pics 047.jpg"

"C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\My Documents\My Pictures\RSV pics\RSV pics 048.jpg"

I hope the pics work!!

I would like to rename this thread to "How do I post Pictures?" Any help out there?:thumbsup:


The pic's need to be on a web hosted picture site like photobucket. Give that a go! :thumbsup:

Aha! Let me work on that - a little 'puter challenged here. I still say 'puters are still just a fad:prof:

here let me help...





here's mine before it just blew up


Thanks for the help pal! Sorry to hear yours blew up- what happened? Also, how did you get the pictures to be more than just a link? I gotta learn sometime, might as well be now:thumbsup:

dude...inthe post a new reply page,you will see a small box with a mountain and a sun,yellow in colour...:) ,click on it...then on your top right corner a link window will pop up...cancel of the http/...and paste your link in the link box...

well i hope you can understand my explaination...its really pretty screwed up the way i read it...i myself don't understand how it goes...:thumbsup:

give it a try...

bout my Dead Pig,Piston jammed due to little engine oil...caused by a bad piston rings and piston...anyway,it is history for now...cheers.

here's mine before it just blew up


Is that in front off the HardRock Cafe? I love Singapore! Fun,fun place to visit!:thumbsup:

I see now. Thanks again.

nope...its along arab street....singapore is just a nice place to hang around....other than that,thats more about it...no place to ride at all....you will be hitting on a wall if you ride very fast...:thumbsup:

lets exchange places....haha...:)

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