Installed new cam today, won't start now... (650R)

Oink piggy Oink! You get it started yet?

Started today on the 2nd kick. I don't know what of all the different stuff I did this last time finally got it to fire. Re-did the cam timing again, tweaked some wiring stuff, completely tore down and polished up the carb, cleaned out the petcock assy (never did that after going to mexico), etc.

Needless to say, the 20 minute cam breakin I did on it tonight wasn't enough for me. I can't wait until tomorrow after I give it an oil change, hoping to take it for a high speed run out some oilfield roads and see what she will do now.

Glad you got it going! That would have illed me to have my piggy put down for that long. How is that cam treating you? Get it jetted correct?

How is that cam treating you? Get it jetted correct?
treating me good, haven't had to change anything on the QS yet.

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