SHields for WB E-Series

Thank you Ga426

According to my owners manual, the e-series shields are part numbers:

8-12 posn: 06-925

6-12 posn: 06-935

9-3 Posn: 06-936

12-12 posn: 06-937

If you get them, let me know how well they actually help to reduce noise.


Now this is the first I have heard of these shields. How much do they cost, do they actually make a difference in how noisy the pipes are, are they just different shaped disks to direct the sound down. I don't think I received a true owners manual all I got was a photo copy of a manual and I didn't see any shields.

Don't know how much they cost or if they cut down on noise. They are designed to protect the disks from roost and protect bike or car parts from heat and soot. They look like they fit between the last disk and end cap. They say they don't affect performance?

I am not having any luck locating the deflector shields that mount on the E-Series. I was thinking of using 2 on the top to divert the noise more towards the ground. I even checked with White Bros and couldn't find a part #... ANyone have an Idea??????

:) Three of us run these sheilds, to stop cr*p and burning on the rear fender(US speak! :D ) they fit between the can and the first disc to shroud the discs, between us we run the 6-12 the 9-3 and the 12-12, NO difference in power, NO difference in noise...well maybe just a tad, but certainly not much, if anyone wants pic's, drop me a pm and I'll mail them to you, I can't post pics to the board! :D

I got mine from Dennis Kirk

go to exhaust then to page 8 & pg 10

I have dealt with these people for a few years. They are not the cheapest but, I have never had any problems

I have the 8-12 on my YZ. I can't say that it keeps the noise down any. I'm nearly deaf from this pipe as it is, but it does keep the soot off the fender fairly well. I seem to remember paying around $20.00 for it. As for performance, it has no effect either way.

Try I have seen them in their catalogs for reasonable prices.

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