Wr front wheel hub same as Yz

Hey guys I was wondering if you can tell me what bikes I can use the front wheel off of for my 06 Wr450. I folded my front rim over and broke half the spokes on my bike and was looking on ebay for another one. It looks like I bent my hub so I think I can get a used wheel cheaper than building a new one. I was looking at a couple of wheels from a YZ250f and 450f. The rims seem to have the same part number but I was wondering if the hub is different due to the speed dominator hookup. Thanks

the Hubs are different on the YZ's sorry.

I put a an 02 YZ front wheel on my 99 WR400 with no problem. The YZ wheel doesn't have the part for the mechanical odometer, but that was really an issue for me. I have a 19" YZ rear also, and it bolted right on, so I have street and off road tires on rims, with only a few minutes to swap out.

That's why I said they were different, I don't need it either but they are different and you will lose your speedo, unless you buy a Trailtech computer which gets it's pickup off a magnetic bolt on the Brake Rotor....

I've took my 03' WR450 rim off and run it on my 01' YZ250F for 3 races now and everything is fine. :thumbsup:

I guess ill just have to find a wr wheel then. I knew the rim was the same but like you guys confirmed I wasnt sure about the hub for the speedo. Next time I will have to remember not to have such a dramatic crash.

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