xr650l Tire Pressure

cant find my owners manual, any one know the recomended pressure.

should say on the side of the tire....

if not, id say between 30-40 psi...

just untill its you feel it and it's hard, and if its really low, until it gets a rounded off shape.... i never use a pressure guage, just dont go over or around 55-60psi...

30-40 pounds? Not unless you are a street rider. 18 front and back. no flats during vegas to reno for 3 years

The manual calls for 22 rear, 20 front. At least on my '01, with stock Bridgestones.

I do not remember what the manual actually says, but I run 17 rear, 15 front on my 650L.

That is an early morning, pre-ride pressure...after a long ride on a hot day the pressure is a lot higher.:thumbsup:

AMEN on the lower pressures no way you should be 40lbs i acutally use about 15 to 18 like FLY when off road and street maybe just around 20 like HARK says his manual states.

cant find my owners manual, any one know the recomended pressure.

36psi cold but I would go lower than that if riding sand, gravel or loam.

Lower pressures will give you better grip in the dirt. As the pressure goes lower, pinch flats become more of an issue. I usually run 15 psi, but I only ride dirt. Higher pressures can help street handling.

15-18 psi is what i would run in the desert so you dont need more than that for off road and worry about pinching a tube unless you hit some nasty stuff where your gonna get a flat anyways

My pal has the same bike, and he says the manual asks for 20 to 22 psi if he remembers correctly...and he is pretty sure his memory is good.

He also said he just runs 18 psi in each, so lower than the manual stated pressures for him to.

I ride 24psi around town and commuting to work,but off road I'm down around 15 to 18 depending on conditions. Not running a rim lock so I can only go so low.

I can't imagine these things getting much bite with the pressures as high as 30-40 psi. Has anyone checked the pressure when warm? I have to admit, I have not, when starting with the 20/22 set up I mentioned earlier.

I'm going to check it out, next time I get a chance. For spirited street riding, I (and the manual) could be wrong. 15% rise from cold to hot, is a pretty good starting point, depending on the tire. I expect the Bridgies to tolerant a bit more, before getting overcooked.

For the street, what is best for tire mileage? At 22psi on my rear that new Kenda is going awefully quick...

i use 30 loaded, 20 unloaded. mine is 2nd from right.


After reading all the post here the other day I went out and done a little field testing. I stopped by the parts store and got a new good new psi gauge, then I put 25psi in the front and rear. It's about a 30 mile ride to my fav riding area. crusing speed to riding area between 70 and 75 mph. Everything was great. I turned off the paved road onto a dirt fire road and road for about 10 miles. I stopped and checked the tire psi, it was now reading 27psi. And very poor traction, It was like riding on ice almost. I then dropped the psi down to 18psi on the front and 15 on the rear, it made a big diff. I had a blast the rest of the day. On the way back home on the paved road the lower psi wasn't a big thing, but it did seem to be better at 65mph than at 70 &75 mph.

I'm with you on that...but I know my tire mileage has gone to heck, the past two summers, running the stock tires, with the recommended pressures from the manual. I like the way they work, but they wear out. By the time I use up the rear, the front is cupped pretty bad from braking hard, going into paved corners.

I have a new set of Scorpions from another project that will go on the XR later in the summer. We'll see what happens....

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