Cams and jetting

I was thinking of installing the Hotcams intake and exhaust upgrades. I went to Hotcams website, and could not find any info on what jetting to run for these upgrades. Usually when you make major engine changes like this it changes everything, kinda like FMF how they have their suggestion on what jetting to use with their products. If anybody knows where I can find this info, or if you have any suggestions please let me know.

I got both hotcam intake and exhaust cams in my '05 and jetting has pretty much stayed the same.

If you do have to change jetting, it won't be anything drastic at all.

Have you got an aftermarket exhaust on you bike? Get one if you dont first.....

Yeah I have an FMF powerbomb, and powercore 4. I didnt have to change the jetting at all. How did the cam mod work on yours? Did you notice a big change going aftermarket? I did the Exhaust cam mod to my WR with the stock Cam. You know where you turn it one tooth to make it YZ spec? It took a little off the bottom, but really woke it up on the mid, and top end.

Yeah, I got the cams because my PC Ti GP was all bottom - mid and went flat on top. My best mate has a yz450 with the same pipe and I liked how his bike felt. My choice was either to get a YZ exhaust cam or get hotcams.

I'm glad I went and got hotcams because they did exactly what I was after.

That was move the power to the mid-top.

My bike in comparison with my friends YZ450 has more top end.

Was the cams worth it? They were for me because I got what I wanted. The hotcams will just add extra top end power to your bike over YZ cams. Check on their website for dyno's.

What model do you have? A 426? If you do, I would go the hotcams simply for auto-decomp.

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