anyone use spectro golden 4?

Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone is running this oil.. my local shop was out of yamalube, so i ended up getting this on a reccomendation. is this a good oil..



I use the spectro 4. The bike runs fine with it. I prefer it over yamalube.

Golden Spectro 4 is an excellent oil, and is a significant improvement over Yamalube.

thanks guys.. just wanted to make sure. dont want to mess anything up.. guess i found myself a new oil.

thanks agian.

I've been using the spectro golden 4 for over a year now, and it works great. I change it every 4-5 hours of riding and haven't had any issues. I pay about 5.99 a quart for it.

i paid something like 10 bucks for the liter. i fiqured it was worth a shot.

all oil is the same

Please elaborate, by all means.

Yes please show us some data on all oil being the same :) . I can't wait for this one :thumbsup: .

That is all I use.

Hey we are still waiting on Maxpower response, or was he just trolling. lol

all oil is the same

Geez - you really are helpful - try trolling another site

Hey we are still waiting on Maxpower response, or was he just trolling. lol

Look at his other posts - just a troll thats got lost

a follow up to this thread.. i finally got a chance to change my oil this morning.. this is a excellent oil so far.. it actually made my valvetrain less noisy, which is a big plus in my book.

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