WR Suspension Setup

Looking to have my 07 WR suspension set up for me by the pros. Right now I am looking at MX Tech or Race Tech. Anyone else have their WR suspension set up by these guys?



I had mine done by a Pro-Action dealer near me, and I love it. I had my old XR400 done by a local Race Tech shop and they did a good job also. Maybe post this question in the regional forum for your state and see who had their bikes done near you and get their feedback. Many times it is the person who is going to be working on your suspension that makes the difference and not the company they represent. You want someone that is going to listen to your needs and set your bike up the way you want it. Call a few shops and talk to some guys and feel it out. Good luck, it is money well spent.:thumbsup:

As said above, I think it's paramount that the technician setting your suspension really listens to the kind of riding you do. I had mine done at ESP which is an Eibach dealer, and I'm very happy. The suspension is nice and plush but capable of handling hard hits.

factory connection - i just had a revalve and new spring put on, and what a difference! my ride just got that much better. after only two rides with the new gear on the bike, i am impressed. any bump, any time, no problem. check out their web site. i do recommend factory connection.

I recently had mine done by Matt Crown www.MCRRacing.com. You can send your stuff UPS. Call first, I know that the prices on the internet are old.

Any way you choose, done right, this will be one of the best upgrades you can make.

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