Rekluse Clutch 04 YZ 450

What are the pros&cons of a Recluse Clutch on a 04 YZ 450?.Is it worth the $400 or should i just gear down?would like any & all comments. thanks.BTW I ride trails in western Washington.

think the main advantage on the that the bike will never stall, and with the 04 in woods/trails your arm will pump from constantly working the clutch... i say ride first, if you finding your arm pumping up, or your stalling alot, get one, if not don't.

On the 04, you will still need a FWW as it has a very light one in stock form and is more prone to stalling. I have an 04 and an 06. The 06 has a rekluse and is (so far) only for track use. I like the rekluse on it but think that it is best for the woods (here in Colorado). I might take it out the 06 and put it in the 04.

What I really like about the rekluse, is that you can start out on a steep inclin, or with the wheel up against a big rock just about as easily as starting on flat ground. And, although I like the 4spd for track better than the 5 spd, the opposite is true for the woods. I plan to go to a wr gear set in the 04. I think that that with the rekluse and a bigger FWW, would be a nice setup for woods.

I've got a Rekluse on my '03 and really like it for woods. I've noticed mine can still stall occasionally under the the right or should I say wrong circumstances. I think I could probablya adjust it a little better so it wouldn't stall, but I just haven't had the time.

I would suggest a FWW. I have a GYTR 9oz on mine and love the way it smoothed out the power.

I would also suggest the clutch perch adapter. I don't have one and find myself wanting to manually clutch it sometimes.

One of the best things about the Rekluse is reduced fatigue and arm pump. I find that I can ride more aggresively for much longer with the Rekluse than I could w/o it primarily because I don't get arm pump nearly as bad when I don't have to use the clutch.

thanks for the input,i think i am going to try the fww first and go from there.

I have both (FWW & Rekluse) on my 426 & this bike still runs when it lays on it's side. All I have to do is pick it up & keep going...

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