Yz450 dying suddenly

I have a 2003 Yz 450 , and just started riding again this year. The jetting is identical to last year and i have cleaned the carb twice today. It dies under hard acceleration, if i appy the throttle smoothly it is ok, it only bogs bad under hard throttle application from low speed. and if i put the bike in neutral and hit the throttle it dies or bogs really bad. I have notice the TPS sensor housing has a crack in it. Could this be tps or something else, this is driving me crazy:bonk:

Hey i have exactly the same problem with my Wr 250. It idles fine, but when i accelerate hard it just dies out. If i figure out what the problem is i will let you know.

Sounds like an accelerator pump problem. I'd check the AP to make sure it is working and timed correctly. They have a rubber diaphragm in them that does go out over time. It is easy to work on and cheap to rebuild.

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