Sick of Sitting!

OK, got an '02 yz426f last week. Great advice from here on how to start it, and then went to my local shop for advice on a tune up, they can't get it in for a couple of weeks, but they suggested a new plug and a fuel mix screw adaptor.

I installed the new plug, and the adaptor, got the idle set screw to work right, it was gummed up a bit.

It starts better, very consistent when cold. but the idle is not dependable, and if I keep it high its way hella NOT safe to ride.

keep it low and it stalls often, and can be a total biach to restart!

15 minutes a couple times while my buddies were riding! Glad it wasn't a trail ride or there woulda been some long waits for everybody.

Trying to start it with the hot start sometimes works, not always, sometimes the choke works, not always.

the fuel mix screw is turned out about a turn and a half.

the air filter is getting cleaned as we speak, Oh there is another question, will my K&N air filter cleaner and oil work on the filter? what kind'a oil is best?

ok thats enough for now, open to any mods I gotta do to get this thing working cuzza its SO :thumbsup: fun to ride! but a PITA to sit on.


Sounds like its time for a good carb cleaning and a JD jet kit (available in the TT store). The JD jet kit takes the guess work out of jetting, plus the JD kit adds quite a bit of throttle response.

K&N cleaner and oil should be used on K&N's only. Use some kerosene or mineral spirits for cleaning and use a good sticky oil like Maxima FFT or PJ1. :thumbsup:

is the jet kit hard to install? i'm ordering it anyway. (not certain the bike "needs" any more throttle response)

Come to think of it there is a small lag that is a nuisance when try to get some quick traction is loose stuff.

yup. gonna order it now!

what else, c'mon, I want a swiss watch runnin mutha thumper! like my old XL500R. never hadda push that bike farther than off the trailer!


I would make sure that you have set your fuel screw all the way. When I installed my fuel screw it was very hard to get it to screw in and I must have taken it in and out about 8 times (cleaning it each time) before I finally got it to go in all the way easily.

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