WR450 Street Legal?

Anyone know if the 06's or 07's are street legal????

Looking to get one soon but if not...i'll have to save more for a Katoom.....

Not street legal out of the box. Go to East Toledo Honda/Yamaha and buy a new 07 WR450F for $5939.00 plus tax and buy the the kit from ebay for $140.00 and you are legal in Michigan.

Good Luck


what i really meant to ask is if the title would say "For Off-road Use Only" or not...

The bike and title are not street legal from the dealer.

1. Do the mods ($140.00)

2. Have local Police Department inspect the bike and complete the DOT form.

3. Replace factory tires with DOT approved tires ($130.00) (Michelin AC-10s or others, there is a thread under the Dual Sport tab)

4. Take the signed DOT form to the Secretary of State

The Secretary of State will issue you a new title and license plate for street use. Your new title will no longer read "For off road use only".

I apologize for not knowing how to add attachments but would be happy to send you a copy of the DOT form if you PM me.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck,


Alas, still a no go in WA.

aha......i see now


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