maintenance on a WR

i dont know a whole lot about 4-strokes since i had 2-smokes. what other kind of maintenance should i do other that change the oil regularly and how often do you guys do other maintenance on your bikes. BTW its a 99 WR400. thanks

My service schedule:

1 - Check valves once a year - unless bike is hard to start, then check during next oil change

2 - Oil change every 5 hours/ Change filter every other oil change

3 - Air filter every 10 hrs unless it needs it sooner

4 - Clean carb every 6 months or so

5 - Check and clean oil screen (behind skid plate) once a year

6 - Change plug once a year

7 - Change coolant once a year

8 - Clean and lube chain before every ride, adjust as necessary

9 - Check nuts and bolts before every ride, they like to come loose

Thats basically what I do to my '01 YZ426. Hope this helps.

the link didnt work but i know how to do every thing except adjust the valves so if you go into detail or give a link or something that would be great. Thanks

Look at the maintenance section of this link, loads of helpful info :thumbsup::):ride:

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