4th Gear toast.

My fourth gear is gone on my 2007 450f. Raced this weekend and had to stay in 3rd max. Any ideas why only fourth would go?

Because only 4th gear is broken.

One thing to remember is that the transmission lives in the engine oil, and all that debris generated by breaking the trans was being pumped through your engine when you continued to ride it.

if your bike make a grinding noise while trying to apply fourth gear then your dogs are destroyed for fourth, if it just wont go in then your shift drum is bad there are some other culprits it could be but these are the most common

or it could be shimmed incorrectly or a clip on one of the shaft could have fell off

Its being taken apart. The 5th and 3rd pinion gears need to be replaced plus the right and center selector forks. Apparently there wasn't to much debris floating around.

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