Just bought this '01 yzf426

just bought this '01 yzf426, sorry pics are abit dark. the bike has been cut up for fmx wondering how much a new seat and possibly a new airbox would cost? this thing is a blast to ride.



A seat will run you $80-$100 for a brand new complete seat. Try rockymountainmc.com

Here's a complete seat on ebay for $60


A new airbox (box only - no other parts) will run close to $100. Try powersportspro.com. Sign up for the parts fish and you can look up any part you want.

Here's a complete airbox on ebay for $35


Hope this helps.

Edit: oops. Just noticed your in Oz. Well, ebay may not be the best solution.

who frestyles with stock bars...funny

I think I have an airbox from an '02 426, in great shape. Let me know if you are interested and I can email you pics.

who frestyles with stock bars...funny

not only stock bars, but I have never seen a 4 stroke in freestyle!!!!

Hey thanks for the info everyone. Yea 4 stroke FMX is becoming popular in Australia.

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