I did something dum. Thoughts?

I just wanna know if any of you think I may have caused myself a future problem. Hopefully you guys will be more helpful than the last time I asked a question. Anywho...

I was checking my valve clearances on my '06 this weekend for the first time. They were spot on! Woohoo!!! Anyway, when I was wrenching to get all the punch marks to line up, I went a smidgen too far. So, being lazy, I just did a quick clockwise turn instead of going all the way around again. Does anyone think this could lead to some problems when I take it out riding next? I started it up after I got everything back together and everything seemed hunky dory. Should I have cause for alarm? Thanks.

No problem. Especially if its only a few degrees, don't worry about it. Have you ever had starter kickback while trying to kickstart the engine? The crankshaft actually moves quite a few degrees backwards when this happens.

Alright, thanks. I didn't think so but wanted some confirmation. Muchass graciass.

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