Warp 9 Wheel

I had a spill the other day and my 07 slid into a wall. Need new forks and a front wheel:cry:. Basically, the excel front wheel hub exploded into pieces, spokes are twisted everywhere and the rim is also bent so I have been looking for a complete wheel. EBAY does't have too much to offer at the moment but a new Warp 9 looks pretty good and isn't too expensive at 360 bux. I would be interested to learn if anyone has had any experience with Warp 9 wheels on an 06 or newer WR and specifically, was hooking up the speedo an issue. Thanks.

i've had a warp9 rear wheel and its held up pretty good. the spokes broke after about 75-100 hours though. i'm not sure on the front wheel setup though

i've had a reat warp9 wheel for about a year. i just use it for the sand with a paddle tire, so it hasn't taken any abuse.

don't know much about the front.

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