Stuck chain adjuster on 426

The steel chain adjuster screw has welded itself to the aluminum swingarm. Any suggestions? If I can get it off, I will apply some anti-seize.

Try heating the swing arm around where the bolt screws in.. and use some PB or WD-40. might try tapping a few times, hope the bolt head isnt rounded over for you yet. Oh use a 6 point socket too

First, remove the axle. Then apply a real penetrating oil (WD-40 is not one of those) and let it sit for an hour. Reapply the oil a couple of times as it sits. Using a six point socket to turn the bolt, see if it will turn. Don't over do here, you can break off the bolt, or spin the threaded plate that anchors it on some bikes.

If it won't move freely enough, add some heat prudently. Aluminum is as hot as you want it to get at the point where spit bounces off it.

1. Used generous amounts of Break-free (name?)

2. Used a torch

3. Broke off a socket

*the bolt is moving in both directions, but with massive amount of pressure. Eventually it gets to the point where the bolt is about to snap.

What are my options? I spoke with one a couple of bike shops and they were hesitant. One shop told me they don't deal with that stuff and another said that I might have to buy a new swingarm!!! Another told me it was $90 minimum and that doesn't guarantee that they can fix it!

use more penetrating oil, more heat and be patient. It will come out eventually. Do not over torque removing this it will snap and it is a mess to fix. Always use Antisieze on these 2 bolts or this will happen every time

In the event that it breaks off, drill out the bolt as near centered as possible using a 17/64" drill (.266") and try re-threading the existing hole (8mm x 1.25). If this doesn't produce a good repair, install a Time-Sert or a Heli-Coil to restore it.

I believe that he posted this in the general section also. In there he says that he already took it to a shop for repairs. But I am reading with intrest in hopes of knowing how to fix mine if (when) it happens to me.

I told him i have a extra swingarm for a 426, but he pm'ed me saying it was stuck on a kx? If its a 426 i have a extra that is in working condition.

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