XR650R Rear Brake Fade

I have an 01 XR650R that has both SM and Dirt set ups. I recently went back to the SM Setup and when I went for my first ride, realized I had no rear brake. I drained and bled the system to the point it was shooting out fluid when I hit the brake in the bleeding process.

Well, I went for another ride and after after 2 or 3 taps of the rear brake it faded again.

Any ideas? I checked the brake pads, fluid level, whether or not they are dragging... everything seems to be ok.

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Just a guess..but it sounds like you have lost a piston seal causing you to lose pressure in the caliper. If you bled the brakes correctly (as I'm sure you did) then most likely you are going to need a caliper rebuild or a least check to see why the caliper pistons are sticking or just not moving. Not hard to do...just go slow and keep it very clean!

Good luck

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