need some help please

I got the baha kit for my bike 05wr450. Well i put everything on from the kit, i put in a new stator also (suposed to be an up graded one to work with the kit. So i finally got it ready to start and there was no spark. I had the stator plugs color matched with the wires y/w to y/w and p/w to p/w. So i switched the to plugs y/w to p/w and p/w to y/w and it had spark. So i put everything back on and tryed to start it again. It started but only idles. If you give it throttle it shuts it off. It will keep idling if you let it but it doesnt seem like its even idling normal, kind of seems like it has a mis or stutter in the idle. I need some help here.

Bump. Anyone have any ideas for me to try?

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