UK Spec 2005 WR450

Hi All,

Just sold my much loved CRM250 (was getting a bit old) and bought an '05 WR450 after much research.

Although the CRM was an awsome bike, the WR's power and noise does make me smile:applause: , fantastic torque and very fast - Love it.


Has anyone snipped the 'grey wire' on a UK spec bike?

Does it work on UK spec bikes?

(Sorry, I know it's a 'grey wire' question but I did search first)

BTW Just fitted a Trailtech Vapor - great bit of kit!



Hello mate,

Good choice of bike :thumbsup: The UK bikes are not supposed to have the gray as long as its not an import then you shouldn't have to touch it!

The vapor's are good, fitted one a while back myself:thumbsup:


one thing always puzzled me was the difference in specs for the bikes. I can understand tire/tyre differences for on road registered, but for example, the following differences (from the 2007 WR):

Chassis Caster Angle - EU 27deg, US 27.3deg

Trail - EU 116mm, US 117mm

Tire (front) - EU 90/90-21, US 80/100-21

Tire (rear) - EU 130/90-18, US 110/100-18

Front suspension - different Oil capacity

Rear suspension - different fitting length

Are riding styles/conditions that different (given US spec covers US, CA & ZA, whereas EU covers Europe, AUS, NZ and Asia)?

Yes it does have a grey wire! I cut mine about a month after i bought the bike! I now seem to have more low down power. I dont notice it so much on the dirt but it definitly makes a difference when the bike is in supermotard trim!

So if the bike is on trail wheels would you not bother?

I know mine is the 02 400 and am sure its got a grey wire that aint been touched but have read that the mod is only for US versions. So confusing lol

I think it depends on your riding ability and what you want from the bike! Im not a fast dirt rider so i dont use the bikes full potential off road! however im much better on the road and road cicuits so i notice the mod more when in this enviroment! Im told that cutting the grey wire gives you a better ignition timing curve(same as the YZF) they retard the ignition slightly on the WR to make it softer and more user friendly!

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