first winter with my wr.. any tips on cold weather starting..

I noticed that when we haul are bikes to go riding, in the colder weather, that is taking more kicks for that first start.. after that it starts fine...

any tips..

I have learned to kick mine over about ten times with the compression release pulled in before I attempt a start. Seems to help in the cold.

Typically in colder weather, the air is more dense, hence your jetting is lean (mixture of more O2 to fuel). Two quick twists of the throttle to pump some fuel, full choke (no gas) and give her a solid kick 15-20 degrees past TDC. It should fire right up.

I also go through that rountine of holding the comression lever in and kick it through several times before trying to start the engine. I feel that by doing this, not only am I pumping fresh cool air into the chamber, but the oil pump gets primed and oil is sent to the cams. I don't twist the throttle at all to squirt fuel like some guys do....nor do I even use the choke unless it's below 45 degrees out. I just turn my idle knob in about a turn and the engine usually fires on the 1st or 2nd kick. I let it run at this idle speed while I put on my helmet, goggles, and gloves. I blip the throttle a little a couple of times and then ride in the low RPM range for several minutes and go then go roosting.My 426 is 9 months old now and is only on the 2nd spark plug.

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