WR426 PAIN>>>>>oh my azz! :p

I picke up my WR 2 weeks ago. I have 200 miles one it, all snow miles. My tail bone is quite sore. I am riding tonight. I wear 2 pair of Mtn Bike shorts when I ride.

Bill H gave me a couple sugestions. Anyone else have this problem? Any cures?

That's odd. I've spent several times 3 - 5 hours continuously on the bike without any breaks bar reading map and I don't remember ever having a sore tail bone. Of course the muscles can get sore, but that happens with most bikes. I think that my FZR was more uncomfortable. I have a stock seat, wonder if they have changed it since 99...

Over 1000 km on studs. I don't remember when I have last enjoyed winter as much as now. I finishing my MSc thesis, and that damn thing keeps me from riding as much as I'd like to. Luckily there still should be some winter left after I'm done with the thesis.


spend a bit more time on your feet, ride with the terrain,Rise in the rough -Sit in the smooth.


Winter is great. Next year I am going to get on the ice earlier. 1000km..wow. I am up to 200 but expect to hit around 500. Once the snoe goes, the winter trails become off limmit to motorized vehicles.


Winter riding is fairly smooth, not a lot of out of the saddle riding. I'm just being whiny. It's gonna hurt on tonights ride.

A bit of winter riding sounds great at the moment sore or not, I'm in Australia The temp today was 40C (104F) in the shade, wana swap places for the day? ha ha, you'll be rite mate.

Sounds dusty! What is the riding like? You must have some pretty tough terrain to ride.

I'd love to come over and ride but it would be such an expensive trip.

Hey, that's my whine! My buddies call me "tailbone". My tailbone KILLS me after a long day in the saddle. I broke it at age 10 when I slipped on the ice in a parking lot on a ski trip to Mammoth. I put the Guts Racing "soft" foam on my WR seat, almost no pain now. I don't think I could keep riding if I had to keep the stock seat foam. I got mine from Baja Designs, but you can also get it directly from Guts Racing.

Hey Mike, sounds like a good time to get the YZ seat and tank combo. You could get the Clark or IMS tank and have more fuel to roost on the sledders :)


Don't laugh, I've been passing sleds. Not the hard core riders, but the average person lust out for a cruise. My tailbone was killing me after my ride last night. It doesn't hurt to sit on it, it hurts whe coming out of the seated position. Softer foam will be ordered. Thanks for the tip Steve.

Does anybody miss me yet???????

just a thought,

i broke my tail bone about 6 months ago,,, and the yam is one of the few bikes that doesnt hurt.

i was talking to a consultant recently and he said its not uncommon for the tail bone to never heal back together and to always cause pain, apparently the easy answer is to have it removed [ if your brave enough ]

call me chicken

I would suppose they would operate through the "Easy Access" hole...???

Would a proctologist be used in the surgery? I suppose you would have the bragging rights of your &%$#@! being bored out "Oversize".

Brings a new meaning to having a "Big Bore Kit" :)

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