WR/YZ Shock differences

Can anyone tell me if the rear shocks are different between a WR and a YZ? i am looking for something to bolt to my 2004 yz450f, and i like the feel of the 06 yz450f rear end. can a WR shock be used in it's place?



Primarily, the difference between a WR and a YZ of the same year is valving, since the spring rates are pretty much the same.

The shocks of both models '03-'05 are physically interchangeable, but when you say you like the '06 YZ, and then ask if you can replace an '04 YZ shock with a WR unit, I'm afraid I don't follow what you want to achieve.

I'm afraid I don't follow what you want to achieve.

Essentially, i want to put an 06-07 YZF/WR rear shock on my 04 yzf. a YZF shock would be ideal, but i wanted to know if a WR shock is ok too.


If you like the feel of the '06YZ450F rear end - you will hate the feel of any year WR shock, much softer. As Gray said, internal valving is much different. I use WR rear suspension because it is much more "woods friendly."

The smartest and least expensive thing to do in your case would be to have your stock shock rebuilt and revalved to your liking.

awesome, thanks for the info!


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