YZ426 engine problems

got a few problems with the motor. first its a 2000 model with a 446 big bore and wiseco 13 to 1 piston. top end is pretty new, crank has maybe 20 or 30 hours on it. first it makes a rattleing noise mostly at idle to 1/8 throttle. second there is oil in the radiator. the oil in the oil tank looks good not milky. the water in the radiator is not milky but you can see oil floating in the water and if you stick your finger in the water it comes out covered in oil. also it does not leak from the weep holes. where do i start.


well i am not sure if u have this tool but to be sure if your radiator has a leak anywhere u have to buy a radiator leakage tester or borrow one........ if u have leakage then i can tell you where to start

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