Getting My New Wr450 Friday,im Fired Up !

Yamaha has posted their 08 line on their website.

I checked out the 08 WR450 on the site, the only difference I can see is the engine has some black painted covers. did you see any thing else ?

The black paint as you mentioned and it apparantly gained 2lbs. You can compare the specifications to other models on their website. Oh and the seat height is .1 inches taller, probably where the 2lbs came from:confused:

You stated check over bolts every couple rides. In the manual their are tons of bolts. Are you serious about checking all of them, or do you check specifics?

I went riding last weekend up in Big Bear and I lost one of the bolts for the sub-frame. If anybody finds it, could I please have it.

I had a dealer do the jetting and apparently they didn't tighten the bolts down enough.:thumbsup: The other side came loose but it didn't fall out. This wasn't the fault of the factory. My bad.

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