3rd gear bad

I'm looking for advice on repairing third gear on my plated 93' xr600. It sometimes will not go into third without extreme pressure, usually by yanking with my heel. Also sometimes pops out of third gear. I'm guessing my third gear is bad? How difficult is this to fix? If I send it to the shop, how much dinero? Should I fix it, or look for another brp? thanks :):thumbsup:

I dropped around a grand to fix mine, and that was doing all the work myself and using some second hand parts. The shift fork and gears were relatively cheap, it was replacing everything else while it's apart that got me. My advice, if you love the bike and plan to ride it a while fix it and fix it right. If you're teetering on getting something else cut your losses...Sorry, but that's the truth. If I could've done mine all over again I wouldn't, I'd of put the money into a newer bike (like my CRF). If you do decide to try and fix it and have questions let me know and I'll be happy to try and help you thru it. Good luck,


When I had my cylinder off to relpace worn out rings I took a peek inside the tranny. I saw that second and third gears had pitting on the gear faces. As my tranny worked ok, I did not replace anything but the gears. I think that those four gears cost me about $200 to $250.

When you open it up you will most likely find other things that need fixing. It will add up.

Add several hundred if a shop is going to do the work. For shop work I would guess something between $1000 and $1500 depending on what gets worked on.

If you don't want to put that much $$$ into you old bike, rip it apart and sell it on ebay. You will get at least twice if not three or four times what you would get selling a complete but non working bike.

I have repaired early model XR600s and an '85 XR350 that had blown 3rd gear. The aftermath of the gear failing is pretty ugly, pieces of metal all through the engine. If you take care of it before it lets loose, it will be much less expensive.

Thank you for your replies. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do, do you guys think I should stop riding the bike until this is fixed? I don't look forward to spending a grand on a bike that isn't worth too much more than that. But I do have it plated in WIS, and that's no small feat. If I bring it to the shop what might the mechanic find that needs fixing other than the gear(s)? :):thumbsup:

Just have them look at the head and cylinder/piston. Usually the valves are the first thing that needs attention in these bikes. Do a valve job if needed. Check the cam and rocker arms. These can fail if there is an oiling issue. Check the rings. Mine wore out long before the piston and bore. Check the piston to bore clearance. I always check my oil pump when I have the engine apart.

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