fmf exhaust

Im thinking about getting a fmf megamax exhaust i want this bc it has the disks that i can adjust . does any one have any opnions or suggestions on a pipe i have a 2005 wr450

The Megamax exhausts are getting very old now, and were brought out when the XR600's were all the rage.

I think that FMF only sells them now as a universal product now?

You might be better off with something a lot more modern (and heaps lighter!). You can get changable tips for most mufflers now anyway for fine tuning, such as the procircuit, white bro's, most fmf, and yoshimura's.

Is noise level an issue for you? If it is, it will rule out every system or muffler I would recommend! :thumbsup:

noise is not an issue i want it to sound mean but id like to keep the price around 300 or lower what can u recomend

go megabomb w/powercore muffler

sorry,price too mouch, gotta spend more dude...or open up stock and live with it...

what would happen if i just got the powercore muffler and the stock headerpipe

I put the TI Powercore muffler on my bike. Works great and comes with a spark arrestor. I got it for $249 including tax and shipping from Rockymountainatv.

Personally, I absolutely love the GYTR oval muffler with the stock header.

I don't know how much they are in the states, but they are a quality item.

I run a procircuit system and would recomend their products any day.

For reliability, I would go an alloy or SS unit over Ti next, I just had my procircuit Ti head pipe crack, but that was after about 5000kms riding. The FMF titanium seems pretty thin compared to procircuit's too. I would stay clear of carbon because you can't exactly repair it.

If you want to save a few bucks, just buy a YZ muffler off ebay, they won't be as good as the aftermarket slip-on's but they can be had for less than $50 if you look around.

I'm thinking I might replace my Ti GP system with the White Bro's Alloy pro 2 system....

As far as muffler and stock header, you will gain some, but the header makes huge difference.

I used to have Megamax on a quad a few years back, before Q's came out. I could tune it up and down with plates, but usually had them all in, for max performance; so it was at it's "loudest" and highest flow. I would shoot for the Q's if doing trailriding. I have a Carbon GYTR that I would let go for about $300, has the 'open' and 'quiet' endcaps. Still a little loud for me, but is pretty sharp looking. I have not had it dB checked yet.

Go for the quietest pipe you can afford, unless you are doing Mx. The extra hassel from neighbors complaining and any DNR tickets for loud pipe will pay off quickly. Especially if you are into wildlife; on trails you will see more if you aren't obnoxiously loud.

I had thought about opening up my 05 stock pipe and playing around with some porting for higher flow/small noise increase. Have not seen any postings of muffler mods on this one. It would be the cheapest way to go.

what do you guys think about the FMF TI4 TITANIUM SLIP-ON EXHAUST

what do you guys think about the FMF TI4 TITANIUM SLIP-ON EXHAUST

They are cheap because you have to buy a seperate mid pipe for them! This makes them cost more than other slip-on's.

I still would stick to something like the powercore if you wanted an FMF.

The GYT-R oval system is about the same price (retail) and you should be able to get one cheap now that the '07 systems are different.

so the stock mid pipe wont work?

No. Best be getting something else.....

I would go with the FMF Powercore if I were you. They arn't that expensive, but look and sound pretty good. I ran it with my stock header on my old 2004 yz250f and it worked great. You could also maybe try thr new FMF Speed exhaust. I think that it is cheaper than the powercore and also comes with a spark arrester. What ever you want. Good luck!:thumbsup:

You know, If you just wanna save a buck there is nothing wrong with the stock pipe with baffles removed. They don't look too bad either.

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