Stooopid!-broke down but wasn't-DS XR650R

Probably shouldn't admit to this but here goes! Went for a short ride to the Zip-Trip on my 650 6mi from home. Just before entering the parking lot I reached down to turn down my idle a bit and seconds later my bike starts sputtering & dies as I park it. Didn't have any tools so waited for a good Sam to come around. Borrowed Crescent & loosed the bowl drain thinking there's a bubble of water in the carb. Nope. Checked for gas flow and it does. Removed the headlight shell & checked all connections-all seem fine. Start thinking about major probs like CDI, fried stator and the like. My wife's asleep at home with the little ones so I call my son who has to leave work, go get my truck and come haul my dejected butt home which he does. So here I am 2 days later & got around to seeing what the problem is. Dissassemble the dual sport switch assembly & clean it-all seems good. Decide I should try to start it, reach down & the choke is full on!!!. Must have flipped it up when turning down the idle near the end of my one way trip. Doh! At least it didn't cost me anything to "fix" it! Don't think I'll tell my son for a month or so.

I've done it...but I figured it out before disassembling anything... :thumbsup:

Hehe Iv'e done somthing like that too on a snowmobile when I was a kid. Done a jump, land, and sled dies. Crank and crank and crank...check carb...nothing to do. I was about 1/2 mile from home so I push the thing home (snow was hard pack) only to find once there in the driveway that I accidentally push the kill switch on landing.

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