New yz450 ower!

I just picked up a brand new 05 leaft over yz450 for $4,000 out the door (did I get a good deal).

What do I need to know about this bike before I go out and rip it around. I am planning to do mostly woods riding so what kind of mods can I do to make it woods frendly. I was thinking of getting a rekluse.

You got a great deal! I picked up a brand new '05 in NY back in the winter and paid $5200 for it. Congrats. It is a GREAT bike, my favorite bike that I've owned/raced/ridden so far. Probably anyone here who ownes an '06-'07 will tell you & I how much better the new chassis is, but hey, the '05 is what I could afford for a new bike (I won't buy used anymore) and I'm sure the newer technology is great with the aluminum but the '05 is a wonderful steed.

I don't know your skill level or how tight the woods are for you, but here is how I approached the bike( I was coming of an '05 YZ 250 2T):

I practice mostly MX with some HS and GP style terrain, too. I race woods events that are more open, and not sickly tight. I enjoy wider trails & grass track. To aid the power, either a flywheel weight or a programable ignition is a big help. The flywheel weight is the more common route to prevent stalling & aid power, but I chose to run a Vortex programable ignition to experiment and I love it. I run a 'torque' setting to help prevent wheel spin and help the bike chug in root sections. Be advised: the ignition route is much more expensive than buying a flywheel & a puller to put it on. About as much as the Rekluse you are considering.

Another great mod is the Storm link to aid the bike in turning. The new alloy chassis turns better than our steel bikes, and I found the advice given here on TT about this link right on the money. It slightly raises the rear end and places more weight bias on the front wheel.

Those are the two big mods I would recommend. I really like the four speed tranny, and I like a clutch, so the Rekluse is personal preference. I've had one before on a previous bike and decided it's not for me. If you ride intense rocks & tech uphills, the periodic work you would have to do to check and maintain the clutch is worth it.

As for the small stuff, call Zip Ty Racing and get a magnetic oil drain plug, oil filter cover, and float bowl drain plug. These things protect you bike for minimal $$$$. My bike has to last me 5 yrs, so these things were high-priority for me.

Throw out the stock chain & buy a quality one, and lube your steerer, linkage, disulfied grease your electrical connections, and change your oil often.

Enjoy the bike, it's great.

And oil your air filter before you ride!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine was bone-dry from the dealer.

!. Scotts stainless steel oil filter.

2. Gear change depending on local trail terrain. Experiment with the front sprocket. Stock chain didn't last me either so change it if you get your gearing all set up to where you like it.

3. New front tire. Stock one spilled me many times.

That's all that I would change for now till you put some miles on it. Be sure to torque all the main componets after break in! I almost lost the back sprocket because I didn't check the allen bolts after break in. If you have $ burning a hole in your pocket then buy some good protective equipment like boots and knee braces. By the way, last month I looked up the value for my used 05 and I think it was somewhere around $3300 so yes, you did get a great $ for yours new.

Have fun!

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