Cycle World Article: WR450 vs KLX450

The latest Cycle World has a shootout between the '07 WR450 and '07 KLX450. The Kawi won their shoot out. I don't put a lot of stock into Cycle World's reports on dirt bikes, but they do note some interesting things:

1) The Kawi's suspension is better. Better at faster speeds, and as good in the slow and technical stuff. I have noticed this myself. My Honda 450X was much better than my WR on fast terrain, but the Yami is better in the woods. The WR is also not good on a motocross track. I took mine on a pretty tame track last week, and it is way too soft, even after I adjusted the clickers...

2) The Kawi is ready to ride, unlike the Yami. Yamaha made a mistake here.

It is way too difficult making the bike rideable.

3) Fuel range. Same size tank, but the Kawi gets better gas mileage.

Not surprising because the WR SUCKS DOWN GAS big time.

I don't know why, but it does.

4) The Yami turns better and has a better headlight.

I look forward to Dirt Bike's test on their 4 or 5 bikes next month.

Heck any of these 450 enduros rock, I chose the WR for all he easy mods and it known ability to kick serious butt and reliable as hell. I would have gone with a CRFx but the tranny issues freaked me a bit since I was going to supermotard it. But any one of these bikes are great. I don't waste time thinking about the shoot outs, it all depends on how you ride, not how they testers ride. that is why all the testers often pick different favorites...

I look at reliability - I ride and race alot... have had 4 WR's since 98' and have never had to rebuild an engine. Yamaha nailed down the Hi-performance 4 stroke engine. nuf said:prof:

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