Stator rewind Question

I just finished rewinding my stator on my 2000 XR 650R. My problem is I have less light now than I did stock(lucky me). I rewound it just like it shows on when I checked the omhs stock it had 1.4 and 1.6 after the rewind. ( this was between the green wire and the white/yellow one) At the light itself I had 9 volts and up to 13 when reved. Has anyone had this problem or any idea where I might have gone wrong?

Thanks Mike

It sounds like one of two things. One, not enough turns of wire on the poles. Two, you wound one or more in the wrong direction. If some are clockwise and others are counterclockwise then this is your problem. The windings that are in a different direction will subtract voltage instead of adding to it. Did you use 18 gauge wire?

Are your voltage readings with the headlight and/or regulator installed? Try measuring the voltage without any regulator or headlight. You should see 10 or so volts at idle and 20 to 30 or more at high rpms.

I used 18 guage wire, 40 turns per pole and 8 poles total. I alternated direction on each pole. One was clockwise the next was C.C and so on. I'll check the voltage. Thanks

40 turns per pole and 8 poles total. Thanks

Thats your problem. The stock coils are 75 turns X 4 polls = 300 turns You did 40 turns x 8 polls = 320 turns :thumbsup: I did 70 turns X 10 polls = 700 turns. and can run my 100 watt race light no problem. I would go back and rewind it again. It's all about the amount of windings that will generate more power. My first rewind I did 55 turns x 10 polls and could only run 85 - 90 watts.

Thanks for your help guys. I did the rewind the way they explained on the pig pen web site which is to splice and add an additional 4 poles which didn't work. I still don't know why. Then I completely re did it removing all the old coils and rewinding 8 poles 40 (+a couple at times) turns each and 18 guage wire, this is how it is show on It works fine now and I can run 100w hedlight and the tail light with no problems.

Moredesert just out of curiosity what guage wire did you use? I was under the impression that you can't just wind the coils that much without over loading the rectifier and or the wires. Or did you run 2 parallel systems?

I ran 18 gauge wire and replaced the regulator with a Baja Designs one.

Thanks I'll look into the Baja Desighns regulator.

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