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Hi, I just joined as I have a renewed interest in getting a bike again. I first chose the XR650L as I want a dual sport. Then I looked at the KLR650. Then I got all confused. Then I kept researching. Then it got clear. Then I got confused again. But I think the XR650L is my choice in the end. I used to have a Yamaha XT600 purchased new in 1986 for about $1200 (those were the days). I liked that bike a lot! The Honda seems most likely to replace that feeling. The only thing missing is a cargo rack for carrying stuff. And the 31 HP (I read that somewhere) kind of bummed me out but I believe we can adjust a few things for that :) And lastly, I like to do wheelies :thumbsup:


welcome! that is a good choice, more like your tt than a klr. easy to get good power from the pig by jetting and exhaust. there are also many cool mods here to lighten and improve the look. enjoy!:thumbsup:

Welcome aboard.

They are a great bike.

Do a search on "Daves mod" and try it.

Its in detail over on forums.:thumbsup:

A modded XR650L with 14/48 gearing will wheelie all day and go anywhere. I still miss mine, but my 4fiddy is hella fast :thumbsup:

A modded XR650L with 14/48 gearing will wheelie all day and go anywhere. I still miss mine, but my 4fiddy is hella fast :thumbsup:

just curious, why sell the pig and go with the 450? is it the type of riding you do?

Good choice although I prefer the 650R. As for a cargo rack I posted a thread on here a few days ago about one that I made. Have had other members since then add my ideas to their own and make racks for their bikes. One has posted links to his as well.

Look back a few days in this same forum for this thread. Hope it might help.

Homemade rear cargo rack for xr650r

Good choice and good luck.


I have found some cargo racks on ebay also, so I won't have to worry about getting one after I buy the bike. I am wondering if 2008 will offer anything new or improved with the 650L? Is there an after market tach available? How does the in frame cooling work for the oil? Any problems there? How long can you sit and idle without it getting hot?

I read about Dave's mods and they look easy enough. I also found the movie.



Davebert, I just picked up my 02 650l Last month. It ran terrible until I did Dave's mods. Now It feels like my old xl600 but better. I just yesterday finished the carb work and 14 tooth front sprocket. I still have the exhaust to add, it is back ordered. But what a difference the mods made. The bike pulls hard enough to elevate the front in first and slighltly in second. I would imagine if I put the bigger sprocket in the rear it would wheelie, w/out the clutch, in secong gear. Have fun.

ValleyMustang: Thanks for the comments on the mods. What exhaust did you get? I haven't researched exhausts yet as I will do the carb/air cleaner/smog pump etc first but I need to start the research.


Thanks for the heads up on the new models...I just read it myself earlier this morning. No changes, same color too.

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