Eight months with a 450F

I got my new, left-over '04 450F just about 8 months ago. My previous bikes were KTM200sx, KX125, KDX200, YZ250, and XR250. The 450F is my first serious 4S. Every now and then I start thinking about the KTM or the KX and how much fun they were. Then I start thinking a little harder and I go to my own website to refresh my memory and I recall that...

* I frequently caught my boots in the KTM shrouds in turns.

* the straight KTM rear fender made it hard for 5' 5" me to swing a leg over

* the KTM vibrated a LOT.

* I never could get the KTM brakes bled.

* the KX had NO low-end power.

* if you didn't hit certain jumps EXACTLY right on the KX, it was endo-city.

* the KX was finicky about jetting.

* so was the KDX. I never got the KDX running 100% down low.

* the KX was a handful on hardpack.

* the KTM was not very forgiving on crooked landings or whoops

* the KTM had some awfully quirky mechanics

By contrast, with the 450F:

* I never worry about jetting

* it doesn't vibrate

* it has all the low-end, mid-range, and top-end power I can use and more

* the suspension is very good

* the bike is very forgiving

* it's the most comfortable jumper of all my bikes.

* it's easy to work on. Fastest linkage I've ever greased.

* it's not as hard on rear tires and chain/sprocket as I anticipated.

* it's no worse changing oil that it is changing 2S transmission oil

* gas and go.

* at 6500' elevation, plenty of power.


* it's tall and I'm short.

* I'll never be able to ride it 100%. Not even 50%.

* if it blows, it's gonna cost big $$$, but so far so good. I'm about to hit 30 hours and everything's tight and in specs.

* it's loud. db Dawg does a lot here, so does the FMF Qx.

So far, I'd do it again.

I'm thinking hard about selling the TTR125 and picking up a YZ85 for a playbike, though... :thumbsup:

Fun posting; enjoyed reading it.

yeah, nice well considered post...

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