which exhaust out of these.

The Yoshimura RS-2pro and the Drd pipes have received excellent reviews from mxa and transworld(current issue) on the YZ450. If you are looking for more throttle response then both of these pipes would work for what you're after. I haven't seen a test on the WB pipe lately but they are also good pipes. Decide which you like at the price and buy it, you won't be dissapointed. There is no difference between the aluminum models and the ti/carbon models outside of a little weight and trick factor.

hey guys. getting a new exhaust this month.. just wanting everyones opinions on these.

Dr. d

White bros aluminum pro

big gun evo r


i was also considering a mrd or rocket exhaust they seem to be well built for the money. I just want something that will wake the bottom end up a little bit, im also planning on sending my carb to zipty after all is said and done. and moving to a 50-51 rear as well.


You would be amazed at how good the stock header is with a good slip on


fmf out of everything, but out of those choices white bros is the best.

i was fist thinking about a powerbomb header with the stock exhaust system.. but if im going to do get a slip on i might as well get a full system. honestly im just going to find the best deal i can and that will be the deciding factor.. it seems like you cant go wrong with dr.d or white bros.. the dr.d rad kit is making me lean towards that a bit more over the white bros but i havnt decided yet.. i want to see if i can find someone who has the rad kit on there bike to see if it really does make a diffrence.

thanks to all.

In most of the Magazine shoot outs that I have read Dr D has produced the most performance. We have them on all our Yamaha's. Ran FMF on the Honda's. Dr. D seemed better but they are louder.

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