2007 WR450 Shop Manual?

So is there a new cowboy in town writing better than OEM shop manuals for newer bikes? Clymer stopped (it would seem) around 2002 or so. The exploded views in the Yamaha book are helpful but I remember the old Clymer books being more user friendly for those less mechanically inclined do-it-yourselfers out there.

I've always done all my own maintenance on my older bikes/cars/etc so I do know my way around a shop. If anyone knows of a company making new books or of a good online reference I'd really appreciate it.


Had both the Clymer and Yamaha manuals for my YZ426. Ended up using the Yamaha manual most of the time. Only thing I really enjoyed in the Clymer manual was the location of the torque settings in each chapter. However, simply print out the manual pages of the Yamaha - that way they're always handy and easy to find.

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