XR650R won't start after uncorking.

Hey guys, I just did the uncorking mods to my 650 and now I can't get it to start.:) It has fired up long enough to light the lights about three times and It does backfire every now and then. I think I may have gotten a part wrong in the carb. The little thing that you can see at the bottom when you look in the carb that the long pointed needle slides into is my concern(needle jet?). If this is upside down, would that cause it to not crank? When I got the one that was in there out it fell out before I could see which way it went. Right now, If the carb is right side up, the larger hole is up, into the opening where you can see it. The way I could tell is I slid the long needle into it and with the smaller hole up the needle would bottom out sooner than it would the other way (out of the carb, just looking at it). I thought it looked like it fit better with the peice that screws aginst it that way(needle jet holder I think). Now I'm thinking that was wrong and the smaller hole goes up into the opening, I just need someone with experience to let me know. I did the mod mainly for the cooler running and easier starting so I'd really like to get this thing fixed. If I have to I'll get the edelbrock carb, but if I could get the stock one to crank halfway decent I'll save the money for gas. Thanks. :thumbsup:

I'm no expert but i can tell you that when you take off the bottom of the standard carb you will see the main jet directly below where the needle is. The main jet screws into a long kind of jet and on top of that there is a little half inch needle guide{ have no idea what its really called} thingy. I do know that the end with the bigger hole faces up into the needle. :thumbsup:

The needle guide thing is what i"m talking about. So if the big hole goes up toward the top of the carb then I have it right, I'll have to look for something else then. I can't let this beast whip me.

If I remember right, you can't put the carb back together if you have that piece in upside down. It fell out on me too when I was uncorking, but if you continue on with it upside down pieces downstream from that don't fit.

Once mine was uncorked, I had trouble starting when the choke full on. My cold start routine now is one kick choke full on (it fires and dies) then click the choke down a notch. Fires right up at that point, then move the choke to off after a second or two. But if I leave the choke full on, it will not start. My fuel screw is about 1.5-2 turns out.

I hope your problem is as simple as something like that.


I'll work on it some more this evening when I get in from work. If all else fails I may try to pull start it if I can.

Thanks for the help guys, I got it running. It was the idle speed adjustment was too high. I backed off it a little and it sputtered, a little more and it sputtered again, so I backed WAY off of it and got it to fire up. I just kept it running with throttle and then adjusted it in so it would stay running. Everybody else says it, but I need to also, WOW what a difference! I have started it at least 10 times and it fired right up almost every time. It also runs much cooler, now I don't have to worry about stopping for a few seconds. And the power...:thumbsup: . I think I may need to fine tune it some later because if I try to just cruise with light steady throttle it has a little burble to it, but I'm very happy with it now. Maybe the blisters on my leg from kicking the beast are a thing of the past now. Later.

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